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Does Sleep Affect Sports Performance

The answer to this question may surprise you.  So lets dive into the science and see just how much sleep affects  your sports performance and when it might actually hurt you.  Before we get started if you want better sleep you can grab the  Performance Sleep Guide For Athletes Ebook. It’s Free – just head  […]

How to Fight Inflammation when injured

One of the things that happen almost immediately when you are injured is inflammation. The inflammatory response starts with   Redness, heat, swelling, and pain.   Redness and heat are caused by increased blood flow.   Swelling is the result of the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the injured area.   The release of chemicals […]

Foods And Nutrients To Speed up Healing

If you break a bone or suffer from a serious injury as an athlete there are ways you can help  speed up the healing process.  Now before we dive in make sure you like and subscribe for more Sports Nutrition tips.  Alright – first many athletes make the mistake by cutting back their calories after […]

A Little Known Step To Exercise Recovery

You’re about to see a hidden step that will undoubtedly help you reduce muscle  soreness, speed up your recovery and get you back into action faster.  Plus – I have a free Exercise Recovery Blueprint for you. Inside this blueprint I  reveal proven tips – methods and techniques to help you recover faster. What’s  inside […]

Should I eat before my morning ride or workout?

This largely depends on your goals as an athlete and as a person.  There are benefits to riding and working out in a fasted state.  But there are also some major drawbacks so let’s dive into the science and research to find out what’s best for you.  First, let’s explore why anyone would want to […]

Best Nutrition to Speed Up Injury Recovery

A few days ago I broke my collar bone on a motocross bike so in the next few videos, I’m going to share how you can speed up your recovery time.  After injury one of the first things we get prescribed or prescribe ourselves is some type of pain reliever.  Whether a Doctor gives you […]

Are You Missing This Key Nutrient in Your Diet?

If you’re missing this one key nutrient in your diet you can be  increasing your chance of…  Cardiovascular disease…  Higher Cholesterol…  Colon Cancer…  Diabetes…  Loose Stools…  Constipation…  Weight Gain…  Diverticulosis…  An Unhealthy Gut…  Plus a few other issues.  The frightening fact is – only 1 out of 20 people are actually  getting enough of this […]

Is Water Actually Hurting Your Hydration?

During exercise you lose water, electrolytes (primarily Salt) and your blood sugar drops. So – if you only drink water you are replacing one thing while the other two continue to suffer. So – if you want to feel good, recover faster and perform better you have to replace all three. You need water, electrolytes […]

5 Hydration Myths That Can Kill Performance

Today we are going to bust 5 Hydration Myths you’ve likely heard, maybe even believe that are hurting your performance as an athlete. Myth #1 Caffeine Dehydrates You The International Bottled Water Association has called coffee and soda pop “dehydrating beverages” and has warned consumers: “Don’t substitute caffeinated coffees, teas, and sodas for water.” Well […]