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How to Use Carbs as a Super Fuel For Performance

How to Use Carbs as a Super Fuel For Performance

If you’ve suffered from late day fatigue, mid workout lethargy, mood swings, and  feeling like you can’t drag yourself out of bed the next day pay close attention.  Because the way your eating, both before and after your training is likely to blame for  the lack of energy and slow recovery.   There are certain macronutrients […]

Are You Eating Right As an Athlete or is Your Body Secretly  Suffering?

Most people associate athletes with a particular lifestyle. In the context of  this article, an athlete refers to anyone trained to compete in sports,  whatever their choice of sport is. Athletes are often referred to as “living a  healthy lifestyle”. Athletes, unlike non active or sedentary people, have to  be cautious and sometimes meticulous about […]

Muscle Cramps

Do Electrolytes Prevent Muscle Cramps 

Muscle cramps suck and they typically surprise you. Worse – muscle cramps can leave your muscles tender and sore for several days. Unfortunately, muscular cramps are common. Even though these involuntary contractions are harmless, they do have the potential to ruin your days and nights. So lets dive into why muscle cramps happen and what […]

Has Science Really Proven Stretching is More Harmful Than  Beneficial?

Sports medicine has advanced significantly over the last decade.  Specialists in the field today have access to resources and tools that  where not readily available twenty years ago. This has enabled exercise  professionals to conduct clinical studies to help distinguish  pseudoscience from facts.   A popular concept that has been under the microscope recently is the  […]

Keto diet for athletes

Should Athletes be on Ketogenic Diet? Here are the Pro’s and Con’s of Keto Diet

Ketogenic diets have become quite popular in recent years as countless people cut carbs to lose weight and improve their health. The question is, should athletes be on a keto diet, and if so, should all athletes be on a keto diet. Or are carbs an indispensable part of diets designed to optimize physical performance? […]

How to Sleep Better Before Your Competition

The first thing you should know, regardless of how you sleep the night  before your big race, comp or game..   It barley affects your performance.   If you’re curious on how sleep effects performance check out that  video right up there.   Alright – regardless of how sleep effects your performance, feeling  tired sucks and so does […]

How To Improve Endurance After 30

Turns out we are not like a fine wine. We don’t get better with age in  the Endurance department. In fact – there are a few key factors that  make us worse.  But there’s some good news. If you want to hang on to your  endurance performance there are a few things you can do.  […]

How to Fight Inflammation when injured

One of the things that happen almost immediately when you are injured is inflammation. The inflammatory response starts with   Redness, heat, swelling, and pain.   Redness and heat are caused by increased blood flow.   Swelling is the result of the increased movement of fluid and white blood cells into the injured area.   The release of chemicals […]

Foods And Nutrients To Speed up Healing

If you break a bone or suffer from a serious injury as an athlete there are ways you can help  speed up the healing process.  Now before we dive in make sure you like and subscribe for more Sports Nutrition tips.  Alright – first many athletes make the mistake by cutting back their calories after […]


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