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First off – I have to say thank you. I am so excited we are going to get Sauced together. And I also have to thank you for trusting me to help you improve your performance, speed up your recovery and get your body performing at Peak.

One of my passions is nutrition and I know the better fuel we put in your body, the better you’re going to feel and the better you’re going to perform. And I can’t wait to hear about your results.

So let’s upgrade your body and add a little Sauce to those cells.

How to Get Sauced

For best results using Pre-Awesome Sauce drink it 30 to 60 minutes prior to your activity or sport.

For our pro Motocross athletes we have them take ½ – 1 full scoop 30-60 minutes before their first Moto and then ½ – 1 full scoop 30 to 60 minutes before their second moto. For our amateur Motocross athletes we have them take 1/2 to 1 full scoop of Pre-Awesome Sauce 30 to 60 minutes before the morning Moto’s. And then we have them take 1/2 to 1 full scoop of Pre-Awesome Sauce before their afternoon Moto’s.

We don’t have our amateur Riders take it before every Moto because they could be doing 4, 6 or even 8 Moto’s. We only have them take it before the morning session and then once again before the afternoon session. 

For all other athletes take Pre-Awesome Sauce 30 to 60 minutes before your training or competition or utilize Pre-Awesome Sauce anytime you’re feeling a little bit sluggish and you need a boost of motivation.

Avoid Pre-Awesome Sauce after 3 p.m. if you’re trying to go to bed early.

Mix one scoop of your favorite flavor of Pre-Awesome Sauce with 8 to 20 oz of water. If you like a stronger flavor stick with 8 oz of water. If you like a more mild flavor continue to add water to desired taste.

Take 1 capsule of Electro Sauce 20 minutes prior to your activity. On hot tough training days or competition days take one capsule up to three times daily. Help eliminate muscle cramping you can take Electro Sauce before and after workouts. Do not exceed three capsules per day.

For best results start drinking hydration Sauce starting 1 hour before all the way up  to the time of your workout or competition. For long days of training or competition, drink Hydration sauce throughout the day.

Motocross Racers start drinking Hydration Sauce after breakfast leading up to the first practice. Drink another scoop of Hydration Sauce between morning and afternoon motos.

For athletes under the age of 13 start with 1/2 scoop of hydration sauce.

Mix Hydration Sauce with 8-20 oz of water depending on how strong you like the flavor.

Carb sauce is ideal to increase your carbohydrate intake before exercise and after exercise. Use Carb Sauce at least 1 hour before exercise to boost your glycogen stores so you have more stored energy.  You can also use Carb Sauce after exercise to help your body recover the glycogen it used during exercise. 

Since Carb Sauce has no flavor you can add it to Pre-session Sauce, Energy Sauce and Hydration Sauce. Or you can simply mix Carb Sauce with water.


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