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Is Water Actually Hurting Your Hydration?

During exercise you lose water, electrolytes (primarily Salt) and your blood sugar drops. So – if
you only drink water you are replacing one thing while the other two continue to suffer.

So – if you want to feel good, recover faster and perform better you have to replace all three.
You need water, electrolytes and simple carbohydrates (sugar) to help regulate your blood

What Does The Science Say?

Many studies show a sports drink like Hydration Sauce does far better to help sustain blood
volume and blood sugar than water alone. And this helps you sustain athletic performance.

If you just drink water, a large amount migrates out of the blood volume into the area outside
the cells causing edema, which is swelling. And if the water you’re drinking is not in the blood,
then you can’t keep up the sweat rates, which means the heart has to work harder to deliver
nutrients to tissues and to remove metabolic by products like lactic acid.

So – if you plan on exercising more than 15-20 minutes you should be consuming a
performance sports drink like hydration sauce before you feel thirsty.

Get Better Hydration When You Use Hydration Sauce


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